We revitalize your strategy and place innovation at the heart of your development.

We help you to build new business models to ensure the sustainability of your initiatives.

We assist you in a transverse approach that focuses on your customers.


We work with you to define a new innovation-based approach. We provide you with tools, content and continuous support so that innovation becomes more than just an intention.

We assist you in implementing your chosen solutions in the field.


We help you to stimulate the creativity and the commitment of your teams, a driver for your success.

We measure the impact of innovation on your organization and your image.

We support you through the next stages and help you to plan the future.


HealthInnov supports all healthcare organizations and stakeholders to help them achieve and exceed their goals through innovation 



( has put this into practice, relying on a combination of artificial intelligence powered technologies to optimize its radiology department efficiencies and promote collaboration, while balancing workloads and streamlining workflow. In particular, the powerful combination of PowerScribe Workflow Orchestration and PowerConnect Communicator offer... [...]
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